Monday, October 02, 2006

Neat Congressional Info

One of the cool things about working with LegSim is I find out about neat academic work on Congress. Today I was pointed in the direction of Congress Power Rankings.

Essentially, the system ranks each member of the House and Senate using objective factors to determine power within their respective chamber. Once you know each score you can do all sorts of cool things... like find out who is most/least powerful within a particular state delegation. Check your your elected representative and see just how powerful you are in Congress.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, but it says that the DC representative (who can't vote) outranks more than one hundred people who can vote. Hmmm


Sean Kellogg said...

David, I think this just goes to show how irrelevant that vote actually is in a mass of 425 people. What's key is where the Delegate can apply pressure... what meetings can they speak at... where can they bring amendments... whose secrets do they know?

Congress is a great deal more than just a big floor vote.