Wednesday, November 01, 2006

My Public Service Announcement

(or, A Miserable Life: Conclusion)

First, thanks to all those who contacted me, both privately and publicly, to wish me the best as I struggled through my throat problems. It meant a lot that people were concerned.

Second, the problem seems to have resolved itself... or, at least become so unnoticeable as to no longer register. My throat definitely feels different than before and I am more aware of its, er, configuration at a conscience level. After what I did to it, is it really any wonder that it would be a little sore?

I really have no idea if it was a popcorn hull or not. For a while the throat pok[ey|i]ness gave way to more of a hair sensation... which would sometimes feel like it was on my tongue (although I could never see it), on the roof of my mouth, and even in my sinuses for a day or two. It was all pretty miserable, and I'm glad that it's over.

I guess my advice to anyone who stumbles upon these posts looking for answers is simple: figure out a way to get to sleep (NyQuil works wonders) and just let your body deal with it naturally. Anything else just increases the torment. Oh, and stay away from the throat cancer bulletin boards.

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