Monday, January 02, 2006

The Results are In

Last Christmas my mother got me a Simpson's Trivia Tearoff Calendar. Let it be understood, both far and wide, that this trivia calendar was not for the faint of heart. A simple casual observer would have gotten very few of these questions. Want an example?
In "The PTA Disbands" (2F19) what other union joins the teachers' strike as a sign of sympathy?
  1. Piano Tuners
  2. Meat Pounders
  3. Tire Retreaders
  4. Unemployed Actors
If you said a then you might have a calling as a professional Simpson's trivia buff (for the record, I got that one right).

After 313 questions (only one question per weekend) I have a final score: 181 correct, 132 incorrect. That's a 57.8% success rate. Which is not all that spectacular, but I'm still pretty proud. For a while I was averaging two of every three questions... then came the bad times. I may have to study more next time.


Karl said...

Having seen the calendar and considering myself an avid fan of the series, I would like to attest to the fact that beating 50% is quite an accomplishment. I own a Simpsons trivia game that often humbles me... good times....

tom said...

It really scares me, though I'll admit, doesn't suprise me, that you did this.