Monday, January 30, 2006

Employment Possibilities

A potential source of gainful employment just posted the description and call for resumes to a job I knew was coming... but took nearly three months to get here. Behold, Google Policy Counsel. Yeah, that's right... Google... Policy... Counsel.

I really couldn't be more excited. Best yet, the application requires your resume be submitted either in ascii or html format. I bet most people qualified for this job don't even know what ascii is, and at best know how to "Save as..." their DOC formated resume into a webpage. I'm going to totally blow them away with my hand crafted HTML. Anyone want to suggest clever comments for me to include in comment form within the HTML?


ethan said...

Doubtful that anyone will see said comments, but if you're creating a web page, I totally want to see the finished product before you send it out. I am, after all, a god of CSS. ;-)

Anonymous said...

do you want me to put you in contact with Camden?