Wednesday, November 23, 2005

I Have a Car

But not in the sense that I once had a car. I haven't purchased a car, or anything crazy like that. No, today I received my official Flexcar pass! This enables me to reserve a car for a measly $7.50 an hour which covers gas, insurance, maintenance, everything. I figure it costs about $150 or so a month to keep a car insured and in good condition. That doesn't even include gas. So, I can use the car for 20 hours a month and have paid less than someone who hasn't used their car at all!

Obviously if I used the car with any frequency it wouldn't be a deal. But I need to use a car all of two times a month. I figure this is going to be a good investment and an excellent test run to see if this is a workable solution to avoiding buying an actual car.


ethan said...

Flexcar denied me my pass on the grounds that I can't drive worth shit. Well, actually, it was because my accident was les than 5 years ago at the time that I had applied. Glad you got some lovin'.

Sean Kellogg said...

See, I was thinking I might be denied too. Not on the grounds that I was a bad driver... but that I'm really not much of a driver. I haven't driven my car since 2000 (which I sold in 2003). But apparently my four year insurance blackout didn't phase them.

srcastic said...

Glad you weren't. Flexcar is a great program.

Anonymous said...

I've never really thought about doing that, but it does seem like a clever idea. Having a car in a city seems excessive, unless you also have, say, a house. When I was still in Seattle, I used to look at that one Flexcar parking spot on 11th and 42nd and thought about how nice it would be to get all my groceries at once or maybe buy a table without having to mooch a ride off a friend.