Sunday, October 09, 2005

A Sad Day

After much resistance, today I turned on the word verification service provided by Blogger. This will keep the bots from visiting my blog and leaving delightful comments. Many of the comments are quite hysterical, reflecting a very sophisticated parsing algorithm. Most actually provide some sort of lucid comment about the post, and then advertise any number of "interesting" services, my favorit being a site about "coffee table" (singular, yes). The best part of the bot comments is that it made it appear as if people were actually reading my blog... but I think that the appearance is officially outweighed by the annoyance.


Not a bot... said...

Stop by NOW!!!

Find out how to protect Man's Best Friend's self esteem.

Limited time offer - hurry!!!

Brant said...

I suppose if you would like I could just check your blog every now and then and put forth a comment made out of a combination of largely random words in a grammatically correct format. I could advertise fake products, too, if you want, just to keep it interesting.