Sunday, February 15, 2009

Time for a Change

I started this blog with a tip of the hat to my earlier efforts at an online journal and a hope that Blogger would be a more permanent home than past attempts. By any objective measure, Blogger has been a complete success, clocking a total of 289 posts since April of 2005. Less prolific than, say, Wonkette's twenty posts a day, but not too shabby for a dude whose never kept a blog longer than a year.

Recently, I've grown frustrated with Blogger. It's a fine platform, and having someone else deal with the hosting is certainly a plus... but in the end, it's a service over which I have no control. It does exactly what Google wants it to do, and nothing more. For a long time I didn't want more... but times, they are a changing. The first hint of longing came when friends launched two new blogs with WordPress, Minor Failures and GeekBeer. Both blogs have gravatar support, an idea with which I am absolutely smitten. Then, most recently, I posted some code examples and found the Blogger support for showing that code was most disappointing. Combined with the byzantine themeing system, the inability to change the blog's domain name, and the general need to refresh the look & feel of the site; one gets a very compelling case to switch blogging platforms.

I administer dozens of WordPress blogs for work and thus have a deal of familiarity not only with general hosting and administration concerns, but also the internal code structure. PHP isn't my first choice of languages, but it's always fun to contribute when you can. So, gentle readers, this marks my last second-to-last post with Blogger. I'm going to take a few days to write a conversion script that will port as much content as possible from the old blog to the new one and find a reasonable theme from which to start customization. Soon as the new blog isn't embarrassing to look at, I will switch the Apache configuration so that points to the WordPress deployment instead of redirecting you to Blogger. Once that is done I will make a final post letting readers know where the new RSS feed is at and then leave good old reliable behind.

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ethan.john said...

Change comes to us all.
We embrace it and move on.
We'll love your new home.