Thursday, March 27, 2008

Newest Family Member

Last night Sarah and I adopted a two year old cat from our local animal shelter. She came with the name Ginny, but we are fairly certain we are going to change that... just not sure to what.


She's very playful... and doesn't seem inclined to sleep at night, thus ensuring both Sarah and got very little sleep. Hopefully tomorrow she will fall into a more regular sleeping pattern.


Ginny turned out to be name Sage... who knew?!


ethan.john said...

er, cats are typically nocturnal. you knew that, right?

Sean Kellogg said...

Nocturnal, yes. But even your cat kept to herself when I bunked on your couch. Ginny/unknown was a little more insistent during her prowling... though she's zonked out under the bed now.

Shannan said... cute (for a CAT)! You may want to invest in a small nail file in order to preserve that new couch of yours........ Congrats on the new kitty. May I also suggest a good lint brush? And if the nighttime roamings don't ease up, maybe a small dose of Tylenol PM?