Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Christmas Time Update

First, a big thankyou to everyone who made time in their busy holiday schedule to see me while I was up in Seattle. It was nice to talk to people and listen to stories of the rainy city. Overall I'm quite impressed with how things seem to be shaping up without me :)

Second, wanted to share a bit of my family mania with you all, since few of you have ever had the chance to meet my mother and sister. Suffice to say, Christmas is not a spectator's sport in my family. Behold, our handy work:

My mother's log cabin

My sister's beach house

Sarah's vintage house

My Saltbox House

You can see a ton more pictures of construction and decoration on my photo gallery site.


ethan.john said...

that is... amazing. wow.

Alex said...

I like the diagonal patterns in your roof. What is the lumpy white thing out front, though? It looks kind of like a decapitated snowman. Enlighten me.

Dan Widmaier said...

So... you back in california yet? I didn't get a hold of you while up in seattle for christmas.